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The Foundation under agies of IGNOU started IGNOU-Sristi-Cummunity College in 2009. With the secession of IGNOU's Community College Scheme in 2012, the Foundation continued with their Sristi Community College. The college provides vocational & Skill education & training in Sectors Skills. We are Training Providers in 18 Skill Sets.

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1. Banana Farmer

2. Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur

3. Dairy Worker

4. Asstt. Mason Level I

5. Asstt. Mason Level II

6. Plumbing General

7. Plumbing General Asstt.

8. Un armed Security Guard

9. Security Supervisor

10.Asstt. Beutician

11.Hand Set Repair Engineer Level II

12.Helper Carpenter level I

13. Asstt. Shuttering Carpenter Level II

14. Asstt. Scaffolder Level II

15. Asstt. Bar Bender Level I

16. Asstt. Bar Bender & Fixer Level II

17. Asstt. Electrician Level III

Extension Offices

There are 111 offices/associates operating all over India & 6 associates abroad under its Village Globalization Programme in South Korea, Nepal, Maurititius, UAE, Britain and USA.

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Human Resourses

Full time Consultants-8
Empanelled Experts/Consultants- 252
Faculty & Professionals- 43 & Office Staff- 23

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